Monday, December 3, 2007

Don't want to keep you hanging...

Here is the link to my new blog featuring the overstock prodcuct that I have on hand.

I've had a sick household for the past 2 weeks, so I'm still working on getting all of the images resized and up for viewing. I hope to have it done soon!

Anyhow, here's the new site for cheap scrappy goods.

Going Cheap - Scrapbook Overstock

Spread the word!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Is it really almost the 28th

Oh goodness...where does the time go?

I'm in the middle of editing better photos of all of the product in addition to naming each item and pricing it in the photo so that ordering things will be easier.

Hopefully by the weekend things should be up and running, although I will have everything posted in a new blog that I've created. Just trying to keep things nice an neat!

Stay tuned! I's all coming soon!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Stay tuned for more NEW stuff....

Well, not NEW in the sense of having just been released at Memory Trends, or something like that....but NEW in the sense of CHEAP STUFF TO BUY!

I picked up LOTS of new Paper Fever prints. Okay not NEW, NEW, but NEW to the selection of what you can buy. That Rob & Bob......they are some incredibly talented dudes. Even though the papers are "vintage" in the scrappy world, I think it's super cute! And at $.20 a sheet? You just can't beat that!

I also have some delicious WRMK precious metals ribbon that I'm contemplating letting go as well as a GORGEOUS suede post bound album that I picked up at the warehouse sale yesterday.

So, if you're interest in anything that I have posted here let me know, and I will also display the new product in single photos, or maybe 2 to a photo, so that it's easier to tell me what you want.

Dont' forget, flat rate shipping makes this quite the bargain, cause I can pack a lot o' paper in one of those boxes!

Have a swell day everyone!

Monday, October 22, 2007

The rest of the goods.

Here are the stickers, and other embellies. There are pleanty of each, so if you want lots, you got it!

Prices are listed in the post below.

If you want anything, feel free to email me at

Want some stuff?

Okay girls...I figured it would be easier to post images here for you rather than having to have you open each file individually off of your email.

Here are the basic prices.

Papers $.20 each
Sm. Stickers $.50
Lg. Stickers (Only the 12x12 ones) $1.00
Ribbon Spools $6.00 (25 yards on each)
Ribbon cards $2.00
Rubons $1.00
Raw Chipboard $.50
Chipboard Alphas $1.50
ABC Books $5.00

I think that's it.

I have some specific things set aside for several of you. Other than that, let me know what you want. Sorry the the phtoos aren't the greatest. It was a gloomy, gloomy day!

Just let me know what you want and I'll go "pick your order". LOL!